1. I’m ready to move to the woods 

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  2. you know it’s summer when you start putting daisy chains on the dog! Then she got heat exhaustion or s/t and i had to carry her half an hour home. She may be little but she is heavy as fuck lol

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    The Original Plumbing manifesto

    DAZED & CONFUSED magazine’s guest editor Amos Mac takes us through the history of the American Trans Male Quarterly

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    I also tried and failed to rock the pink lip today.

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    I have three books to make, 6 exhibition prints and a portfolio to edit by 3pm tomorrow AND I’m still editing the pictures from a commission I did on the weekend 

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  9. my favourite picture from this whole day. Also you can’t see but theres a pic of justin beiber on that guy’s chain, wanted to say what a terrible person beibs is but couldn’t bear to break his heart :(

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  10. i was trying to make a set of wings out of my earring not sure if i succeeded haha

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    Fleur Du Mal exclusive shot by me for Purple.fr - Outtake

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  12. new necklace!

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  13. "

    A hand on my thigh. That is
    what I’m thinking about, most of the
    A hand slipping under my dress,
    the other holding the steering wheel,
    and me, upright in the passenger’s
    seat. Fearless.

    Always fearless in love, like
    I’ve had practice.

    Look, I know you’re sick of
    hearing about the skin of it all, but
    I’m not done being shameless
    with where I want to be touched.

    A hand pressed lightly against
    my neck. Lips grazing
    the apple of my bottom lip.
    Your name like a tongue over the
    ridges of my teeth.
    Your body like a downpour
    with me dancing underneath

    — Caitlyn Siehl, Most of the Time (via alonesomes)

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    After fashion show last night

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    Harry Uzoka for Christopher Shannon

    all boys should put lil flowers on there face

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